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The greatest use of life is to spend it on something that will outlast it." William James

Born in the stunningly beautiful land of South Africa and seeking a way to capture its innate beauty - the people, the places and the exquisite fauna and flora, I became passionate about the art of photography.

Now, married to my wife Lisa and living in America, I have shifted my focus to capturing the beauty of the bride on her day and all that surrounds her on this most special and unique occasion that two people share. We strive to do this in a way that we trust will see us chosen to photograph the bride's maternity, first born, children and family, and all the other special occasions to come that deserve capturing and preserving for all time. I am passionate about the art I create, and proud to be a part of some of the most intimate and memorable events that we, as human beings, get to experience.

My wife Lisa, born in Kansas and the recipient of a Bachelors degree in Art and Design, plays a vital role in the service we provide. Lisa is intensively involved in the post-production processing of your images allowing us, as a team, to provide you with something exceptional and treasured; memories that will last a lifetime, and beyond.

We custom design each album to reflect the intrinsic personality and emotion of each event we photograph. Every single image receives our individual attention and artistic care to perfectly capture the richness of the moment, colors, lighting and mood that will allow you to relive the moments as vividly as possible in the future.

We harness the very latest technologies, including professional grade digital cameras and studio equipment, complimented by the knowledge and experience we obtain by continually developing our skills and abilities through classes, seminars plus the numerous hands-on hours spent behind the camera lens to give you one of the best services in the market today.

It would be our honor to capture your wedding day, the moment when 2 become 1.